4/20 cannabis sales hit high, but were spread thin over more locations

Sales of recreational cannabis in Colorado increased 86% on last year's cannabis holiday.

4/20 cannabis sales hit high, but were spread thin over more locations

Consumers benefited from the hundreds of 4/20 promotional dispensaries that ran last week, but operators did not feel much of a bump.

Last week, cannabis-themed holidays brought in $2.82 millions for recreational products. This is 86% more than last year's $1.12million.

These sales were distributed across 1,421 retail licences in 69 cities, as opposed to 681 shops that operated in 37 cities last year.

Also, the number of transactions has increased. New Mexicans had recorded 22,402 transactions last year. This year, there were 50 342 transactions.

The average 4/20 transaction value was $50.28 in 2018, compared to $44.60 for March. Hobbs had the largest average transaction at $94.96.

Dan Novak, the owner of The Bad Company in Albuquerque, claimed that 4/20 sales at his store, located at 1616 Eubank Boulevard, were "alright but not incredible". NE.

Duke Rodriguez, CEO at Ultra Health, called this year's event a "nonevent" because his 34 stores did not see a significant increase compared to the previous year.

According to Akerna, the software company, the 20th of April is the biggest sales day for cannabis in the industry. It will generate $154.4 million nationwide by 2022.

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Albuquerque's cannabis manufacturer, Undoo, announced on Thursday that it will be the exclusive distributor of the brand in the entire state.