5 things your business can expect when joining a health insurance captive

Joining a health insurance captive can help an employer mitigate costs.

5 things your business can expect when joining a health insurance captive

It can be challenging to control health insurance costs. It's easy for your business to feel that it is losing the battle due to the instabilities of premiums and pricing. Joining a captive health insurance company is a great way to gain more control. Here are five things to expect when you join a health insurance company.

As a captive health insurance company, employers collaborate with other organizations that share similar values locally and nationally. The focus is on reducing risks. Members participate in cost-containment and wellness programs that are aimed at reducing medical and pharmacy costs and increasing employee engagement. The programs are designed to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce risk.

Multi-layer Approach

Joining a captive health insurance program will help employers reduce costs. The multiple layers of financial protection that come with self-funded, insured, and shared risk provide a safety net against catastrophic losses without the instabilities of self funding. Budgeted dollars that are not spent on a fully-insured health plan go to your business, instead of the insurer.

Different options for different business sizes

Employers of any size can enjoy the same level of flexibility and control in their health insurance cost as employers with more than 5,000 employees. Employers of all sizes can benefit from lower premium taxes and data transparency by joining a captive health insurance company.

Customized plan

A captive health insurance company allows you to create a plan that is tailored to your business's needs, giving you the greatest flexibility. Captive members can access all claims data in order to develop and identify a strategy that is tailored to your business.

Learn best practices

To achieve success in your business, you should look at other companies' successes. A captive can provide a variety of solutions to help a business succeed.

Lawley Proactive Health is a captive health insurance company that can help your business develop a tailored solution. We have helped hundreds of companies control costs and create a culture of wellness and health through consultation.


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Laura Fairbrother, employee benefits captive consultant is responsible for helping clients evaluate captive insurance solutions and to qualify. She helps clients reduce medical and prescription costs by implementing creative plans and cost containment strategies.