A zoom call by the beach? Here are the 10 best ‘workcation' cities for remote workers

The top 3 cities that ranked the highest for being attractive for workcation' are: Barcelona, Dubai and Prague. Melbourne and Sydney were among the top 10.

A zoom call by the beach? Here are the 10 best ‘workcation' cities for remote workers

Working remotely will continue to be a popular trend for millennials and Gen Z as they travel to their favorite locations while working.

WorkMotion is a Berlin-based platform for human resources that analyzed the data.

There are 85 cities in the world

It was easy to see that remote workers would find them attractive.

The report defines a "workcation" (short-term residence) as a period of time -- usually 12 months or less -- spent in another country, while simultaneously working remotely for an existing employer.

The following categories were used to grade the cities:

Visa types required

Remote working infrastructure

Visitor Experience


Health-care access

Housing Access



Tax rate

Affordable housing and food

Carsten Lebtig is the co-Founder and Managing Director of WorkMotion. He said that remote workers should consider many factors when deciding on a destination for a [workcation]. These include the practical as well as the desirable.

He said that while not all cities could offer these benefits, it was undeniable the cities that legislated to attract remote workers were more attractive. Only a few cities included in the study provided remote workers with a digital-nomad visa, which would allow them the opportunity to continue working in the country where they had relocated.

Only 17 of 85 cities provide a digital nomad Visa for remote workers.

According to the report, only one city had a score of 100 while the scores for the nine other countries ranged between 90.3 and 99.9.

Top 10

Barcelona, Spain

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Prague, Czech Republic


Melbourne, Australia


Lisbon, Portugal

Sydney, Australia

Gran Canaria, Spain

Reykjavik, Iceland

Barcelona scored a perfect 100 in the study. The factors studied that ranked highest were housing affordability, food accessibility, and visitor experience.

Dubai, the glitzy desert metropolis, is the only city out of 85 to offer a tax-free income. The city also scored over 95 for safety, security and mobility.

Prague was ranked third and received high marks for housing affordability, housing accessibility, and safety.

Many remote workers are attracted to cities because they promise a new lifestyle or climate. Lebtig stated that the leaders of Barcelona and Dubai can be proud they have done it right. Their cities are ideal for [workcations] and to live, work and play.