American Airlines Sues Website Over Fare Hack, Threatens To Cancel Tickets

Skiplagged is a website that helps people find cheaper flights by finding routings that include "hidden city" tickets, which are cheaper but have the final destination as a layover. The author of the text believes that the website's conduct is deceptive and abusive because the airlines consider thi

American Airlines has filed a lawsuit against a website which claims to "expos[e] the loopholes of airfare pricing in order to save you money."

The site's deception is a lie.

Also, the airline has threatened to cancel tickets

Purchases made through the website are eligible for a discount.

Skiplagged is a website that focuses on a controversial flying technique known as skiplagging, or hidden-city flight, which involves

When buying a ticket with a connecting flight but getting off the layover airport

Skip the second flight. Travelers who want to go to Charlotte might find that it is cheaper to purchase a ticket from New York.


Charlotte is a better option than purchasing a vacation

You can also find out more about the following:

The flyer could buy a cheaper New York ticket and then walk straight out of the Charlotte airport instead of getting on the New York flight.

Skiplagged was launched by Aktarer Zamen when he was only 20 years old.


Skiplagging is generally not illegal.

Airlines claim it violates their policy

", says the

Associated Press

In July,

A 17-year old who tried to skip a Charlotte trip was thrown out of the United States

Gainesville, by purchasing a ticket for New York. American also banned the teenager whose ticket had been purchased for three years.

By his father


"Skiplagged conduct is abusive and deceptive"

American said in a federal lawsuit filed in Fort Worth. "Skiplagged misleads the public by making them believe that it is able to issue a valid ticket even though it does not have authority to issue contracts on behalf of American. It can't.

Each 'ticket issued by Skiplagged may be invalidated.

On its


New York-based

Skiplagged encourages its users to not overuse the technique and accepts that "you may upset the airline."

On the same route, with the same airline within a short period of time. The app also urges users to only pack a small bag that can fit under their seat. This is to avoid having their carry-on sent to an unwanted final destination by a gate check. Bags that are checked out are not an option.

Screenshot of the Skiplagged purchase process


One Mile at a Time


The site warns that airline changes in itinerary could be due to weather conditions. Skiplagged warns that some airlines will ask for proof of a returning flight at check-in. "If this occurs to you, simply buy a refundable return ticket from the airline directly and cancel it as soon after boarding."

American alleges that Skiplagged deceived them by offering the service.



Skiplagged is a website that offers a wide range of fares.


"The consumer pays less than if they booked the ticket directly on American's site or through a real authorized agent."



Selling tickets to airlines without authorization is called "skipping".

"Skiplagged never had a agency agreement with American, and had no authority to sell tickets on American flights."

Skiplagged has developed ways to obtain tickets illegally and then offer them to customers. These tickets are subject to immediate invalidation because only a representative of American can form a contract between the consumer and American."

United Airlines and Orbitz sued Skiplagged founder Aktarer Z. in 2014.

He was only 22 at the time and settled with Orbitz.

United suit dismissed

When a judge told him that his court did not have jurisdiction, Zaman raised $79,000 in crowdfunded donations to cover his legal fees. Zaman, who was not yet financially stable at the time raised $79,000 from crowdfunded donations in order to pay his legal fees.

Skiplagged's Lemonade: Turning legal lemons to marketing lemonade

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United Airlines sued us for our low-cost flights, but we won.