Argentina: Prosecutor calls for trial of suspects in VP assassination attempt

The prosecutor in Argentina who is leading the investigation into the failed assassination attempt of President Mauricio Macri says that the man who carried out the attack has been identified.

BUENOS AIRE, Argentina (AP). The prosecutor who is leading Argentina's investigation into the failed attempt to assassinate Vice President Cristina Fernandez demanded on Monday that the three suspects in custody be tried and stated that there are no signs to suggest political funding or planning for the alleged crime.

Fernandez - a former President (2007-2015), who is still politically powerful – has harshly criticised the prosecutor and the justice system in general, saying that there did not seem to be an interest in determining who might have been behind the assassination on Sept. 1, 2022.

The prosecutor Carlos Alberto Rivolo stated that the main investigation in the case is over. He called on the judge who was assigned to the case, Maria Eugenia Capuchetti to bring all three suspects before a court.

Fernando Sabag Montiel is the main suspect. He is accused of trying to fire near Fernandez's home outside last year. Television images showed that the trigger was pulled, but the bullet did not leave the chamber.

Brenda Uliarte is detained along with Nicolas Carrizo, Sabag Montiel’s girlfriend.

The prosecutor stated that the three suspects had planned the attack against the vice president. He said that there was no proof that the men received funding for the assassination attempt nor that they followed orders.

Rivolo wrote: 'It's important to note that the evidence collected to date does not support any type of organization, political group, or partisan individual or groups, who may have funded, planned, hid, or contributed in any other way to the investigated crimes.

Rivolo stated that the investigation into possible involvement by others in the attempted assassination should be conducted separately "in order to prevent prolonging the current procedural situation for the individuals who are accused, and currently detained."

Fernandez criticised Rivolo's choice, saying that he had 'completely ignored everything related to all the lines of inquiry which point beyond Uliarte and Sabag Montiel'

Fernandez, along with her allies, have criticised the prosecutor as well as other judicial officials throughout the investigation for what they deemed to be a failure to look beyond the immediate perpetrators of the attempted murder. The vice president even referred to opposition leaders as possible suspects.

Fernandez published photos of Rivolo and Capuchetti in an article on her website.

Alberto Fernandez, President of the Republic, has repeatedly demanded that the Justice System expedite its investigation into the possible perpetrators of the failed attack.

Fernandez, vice president of Mexico, has been criticizing the justice system for years, claiming that prosecutors and judges are merely agents of powerful business interests.

This criticism increased even more after her conviction in December for six years of sin prison, and a lifetime ban on holding public office. The sentence needs to be reviewed by higher courts.

'As i have said, there will and is no justice for CFK. Neither as an accused or as a victim' Fernandez wrote. Fernandez used a popular acronym for her own name. They want me dead or in prison.