As Blinken Floats "Israel Status" Plan For Ukraine, US Drifts Into Next Forever War

The counteroffensive is not going well and there is a proposed multi-year deal at Vilnius.

David Sachs asked an unsettling question.

Ukraine on the verge of a Forever War

It is clear that the West risks escalation when it continues to test Russia's red line. This could even escalate the situation.

Enter the nuclear arena

Zelensky, who continues to demand an invitation to NATO by supplying F-16 jets and main battle tanks, is supplying them soon. He has even threatened to do so.

Sit out

The upcoming NATO summit at Vilnius, Lithuania in July.

Although NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, and other officials, have stated that Ukraine won't become a full NATO member anytime soon but have hinted at the possibility of it only becoming a partial member.

After the conclusion of the election,

The war has ended

Currently, certain security measures are on the table

But this will only lead to a long-term, massive Washington commitment.

The Biden administration, for example, has talked about the possibility of Ukraine being given

"Israel status"

This would include a commitment to permanent and rotating arms shipments, as well as foreign aid. Washington has done this for many years now.

Sachs comments on the "Israel Status" possibility

As follows


It consists of long term security guarantees, which in Israel are ten year intervals, including money, weapons, and ammunition "not dependent on the outcome of the current offensive or the election calendar."

The United States will not reassess its support even if counteroffensive is unsuccessful.

Support will continue even if the voters decide to change things in the next elections. Observers may see something here

A classic bait and swap


This would mean that the United States would continue to be involved and its role in the losing camp will increase.

Washington's policies enjoyed wide public support, and importantly the support of allies as long as Ukraine was presented as "winning "...

Sachs noted that "Last spring, after Ukraine took land around Kharkiv, and Kherson, Americans were assured by the Ukrainians that they would finish the job during the summer and spring of 2023." This new Ukrainian counteroffensive will roll back Russian territorial advances, possibly even threaten the Russian grip on Crimea and drive Moscow to the negotiation table and end this war.

This is why many Americans supported the 100+ billion dollars in Ukraine appropriations.


He continued:

"The implicit promise is that this expense was not the base for a new Forever War, but a one-time expenditure."

"Zelensky, who should be at the negotiation table, instead tours the globe selling his eternal war while Ukraine is destroyed and Ukranian conscripts are being killed by the thousands."

~ Mick Wallace