Best Places to Work 2023: Pinnacle Financial Partners

. Pinnacle would choose the Pinnsquatch to represent it because it is a big and hairy animal that is very goal-oriented.

Best Places to Work 2023: Pinnacle Financial Partners


Size: Extra Large

Rank: 1

Reid Marks is the regional president

Number of Triad Employees: 476

Total employees: 3,323

Year established: 2000

Address: 2201 N. Elm St., Greensboro 27408

What is the main activity of your company? What does your company do?

Why do employees think your company is a "Best Place to Work"? We hire experienced employees so that micromanagement is not necessary. Leaders and Associates are supportive of each other when an associate is out. Pinnacle has volunteer teams that monitor the mood in the area, promote work environment initiatives, organize special events, and promote wellness. The music and fun environment creates a welcoming atmosphere for new associates. The team hosts food drives, blood drives, and encourages its associates to volunteer in the community. Pinnacle provides associates with a budget to help them treat clients to birthday celebrations, buy gifts, assist in car repairs and send handwritten notes. Every month, the firm celebrates a different theme. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Councils are responsible for fostering connections between employees of diverse backgrounds, as well as helping to find new diverse partnerships.

What would you use to describe the culture of your company in one word. Fun-tastic!

What is the most important benefit to your employees and why? Shares in the company, and cash incentives for non-commissioned employees when the firm achieves its goals. Pinnacle offers restricted stock awards at the time of hire, and again with a positive performance review.

What specific programs and actions did your company implement in the past year to become a "Best Place to Work"? Standard pay increases increased from 3 to 6 percent. The 7.6% increase in renewals for RX/Medical and the 5.2% rise in dental claim projections were absorbed to keep associate premiums at the same level in 2023. Addition of another PPO plan. Our paid parental leave was increased by two weeks. Associates have more opportunities to meet the minimum wellness metric required for the firm's health insurance premium. Non-fitness wellness offerings, such as webinars and resources on topics ranging from time management to mental health.

What sports mascot do you think would best represent your company? Pinnsquatch, our own animal which is essentially the Pinnacle Sasquatch. We are a lot like Sasquatch in that we have a big, hairy appetite to achieve our audacious goals.

What is your company's competitive advantage? What makes your company stand out? Every position is filled with all-stars because we only hire the best. We all play at our best, but we also recognize that it is a team effort. Despite the fact that each of our people has their own unique strengths and abilities, no single player can carry a team.