CNBC Daily Open: A perfect day for markets and a falling Apple

It was an astounding day for markets, with everything falling into place as perfectly as investors could have hoped for. Then the Apple fell from the tree.

CNBC Daily Open: A perfect day for markets and a falling Apple

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What you should know today

Stocks are bursting with enthusiasm

U.S. stock prices enjoyed a broad rally

All 11 S&P sectors ended the day positive on Thursday.

Bond yields


Europe's regional Stoxx600

The rise in the index was boosted by an increase of 3% in auto stocks, and a 2.7% increase in technology stocks. Separately,

Manufacturer of Wegovys, Novo Nordisk

The company's third-quarter results were a record for sales and profits.

Apples are not growing


Shares of the technology giant fell by around 3.5% after it reported earnings. Although

Apple's fiscal Fourth-Quarter Results

Investors were disappointed that, while the company beat expectations in terms of sales and earnings per stock, its overall sales declined for the fourth consecutive quarter -- and it was possible the company would not see growth in the holiday season. Apple is still huge.

Cash of $162.1 billion

On hand

The loosening of the labor market

Unit labor costs in U.S.

The measure of hourly pay against productivity fell by 0.8% from July to September. The economists expected an increase of 0.7%. Separately the number of initial claims for unemployment benefits increased by 5,000 in the week ending Oct. 28 compared to the previous week. This indicates a moderated jobs market, which is what the Federal Reserve needs to see in order for inflation to decrease.

Bank of England also pauses

You can also find out more about the following:

Bank of England keeps its main interest rates unchanged

At 5.25% but stated that "monetary policy will likely need to be restricted for an extended time." The BoE is following the U.S. Federal Reserve playbook, which keeps rates higher for longer. The central bank expects the U.K. Gross Domestic Product to be flat in the third and fourth quarters.

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One of them is surging in a sustainable way

The other will fail.

Bottom line

The markets had a spectacular day, with all the pieces falling into place exactly as investors could hope. The apple fell off the tree in a rather imperfect way.

First, the positives. The yield on 10-year U.S. Treasury fell around 12 basis points, reaching 4.661%. This is a dramatic drop from three weeks ago when the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury was around 4.661%.

Treasury breaches the 5% threshold


Bond yields falling benefit stocks from two perspectives: they create less incentive for investors, who are then more inclined to invest in riskier assets such as stocks. The lower cost of borrowing can stimulate the economy and ultimately drive stocks higher. Investors were often frightened by the influx of new regulations.

The U.S. GDP growth was incredible in the last quarter


There were also signs that inflation was slowing down in the U.S. Labor costs fell in the three months ending September, versus an expected rise. Meanwhile, unemployment claims increased. These statistics will likely reassure the Fed that the labor market hasn't heated up again for the time being.

The stock market soared as a result. Stocks soared on those developments.

S&P 500

The index gained 1.89% on Monday, its best day in April. This is the first time the index has increased by more than 1% for a consecutive period since February. The

Dow Jones Industrial Average

The daily increase of 1.7% was the highest since June. The

Nasdaq Composite

The stock gained 1.78%, marking a winning streak of five days and its best session in July.

All indexes will post a weekly gain of about 5%.

Before investors rejoice prematurely, it's important to remember that


Results to digest. Although the company exceeded earnings and revenue estimates, its hardware division, outside of the iPhone, has struggled for more than a year. Apple is the largest constituent of S&P, with a $2.77 trillion market capitalization. Apple's share price will have a huge impact on the S&P index. It has already fallen around 3.5% during extended trading.

The release of the October jobs report later today will have a significant impact on markets. Economists expect an

Increase of 170,000 payrolls

Stocks could fall if a number is drastically higher. The sentiment remains fragile despite a recent string of positive events. One bad apple can ruin the entire meal.