Data Bank: Oregon ranks highly among artificial intelligence set

A survey by the National Association of Realtors found that 53% of real estate firms in the West are using or plan to use artificial intelligence, compared to just 28% in the Midwest.

Data Bank: Oregon ranks highly among artificial intelligence set

A new report highlighting which states have the highest use of artificial intelligence shows, in a very conscious way, how this form can be applied in certain fields.

Specifically, YACSS (which "uses sophisticated AI for creating content and websites with only one keyword input") appears to have released a press release crafted by artificial intelligence to disclose its research results.

Four of the eight top states for AI usage per 100,000 residents are located in the Pacific Northwest. The other two are western states, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Artificial intelligence is the use of computers to perform tasks that humans normally do. Speech recognition and translation are two of the functions that artificial intelligence can perform.

YACSS explains that the mode "can reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and provide users with unlimited creative possibilities." The popularity of ChatGPT in data research and writing, among other applications, has led millions of Americans, YACSS says, to start using the tool every day.

Tech watchers claim that ChatGPT will be useful in a variety of fields, including education, healthcare, finance, marketing, and cybersecurity.

YACSS ranked five southern states at the bottom of the list: Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, and South Carolina.

According to the researcher, AI systems are most commonly used to create art.

Utah was ranked number one in the nation with 202 AI search per 100,000 people. Utah's top search topics included art, voice-generators, music, animation, and resume writing.

Oregon was ranked second in the West with 192 searches for every 100,000 people. Washington was ranked third, with 187 searches, and Colorado ranked fifth, at 170 searches. As in Utah, the top searches were related to animation, music, voice generation and resume writing.

Alaska was ranked sixth with 169 searches for every 100,000 people. Idaho was rated eighth with 160 searches.