Data Policy

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Data Policy

Dow Jones & Company, Inc. ("Dow Jones") owns all data collected or generated by The Wall Street Journal Network (WSJDN) and its users when visiting the WSJDN. Third parties collecting data or attempting collect data from WSJDN users or the WSJDN (a "Data Collector") are hereby notified of their obligations under the Data Policy.

Without the express written consent of Dow Jones, no party not affiliated with Dow Jones can collect, use or authorize other persons or entities, to collect, use or direct any data collected from a visitor, a computer, or a device used by a visitor, when visiting the WSJDN. No data can be collected, transferred or used for retargeting, behavioral remarketing or targeting advertisements, segment categorization, or any other form of syndication that is related to WSJDN or its content or users, without Dow Jones' prior written consent.

This policy covers all data collected by any means, including but not limited to advertising units, widgets, pixel tags, cookies, scripts, or other data collection processes.

Any data collector is required to contact WSJDN Revenue Operations by calling


Complete the WSJDN data collector certification process. It may be necessary to provide additional information on the data collected and the technology used, sign the Data Certification Agreement and confirm compliance with the Technical Guidelines and Specifications.