‘Emily in Paris' star Ashley Park's first big purchase after season 1 was a condo for her grandmother

In a recent interview with People, Ashley Park says she's also made it a tradition to buy herself something nice when she books a new job.

‘Emily in Paris' star Ashley Park's first big purchase after season 1 was a condo for her grandmother

Ashley Park played Mindy Chen, in Netflix's "Emily In Paris" in 2019. The show became

One of Netflix's most popular series

Park's career was catapulted by this film.

People reported that the 32-year old actor's first major purchase was a condo to give her grandmother after she finished filming the first season of her show.

Park said in an interview that she does not have a home, because she is always on the move. When she was visiting her grandmother just before filming "Emily In Paris", she realized she wanted to give back.

"She is the best." Park said that she would never complain about the conditions in which she lives. Park asked, "How can I stay in places where I am allowed to stay but my grandmother who has spent her entire life working so that I could live the life I have not be living in her place?"

In the 1960s, Park's grandparents migrated from Korea to the United States.

Her grandmother was a businesswoman before she and her husband bought the VHS store. While her grandfather, who had a master's degree from UCLA, worked in computer software after obtaining his degree, her grandmother owned different businesses.

"That's how I got my very first VHS copy of Barney." "Barney" was my favorite show, and it was through watching that I decided to become a dancer and singer," Park said.


In 2021,

"Because they sacrificed so much, I was able to appear on screen in a new way. "It would be a wild experience for them," added she.

Park told People she has also made it her tradition to treat herself when she starts a new job.

Park purchased a Gucci belt for herself after making the purchase for her grandmother. The price of the belt can range from $420 up to $1,980.

Brand's Website


I didn't even know what luxury goods were back then. She said, "It's a sensible item that I always pack with me."

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