Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final 2023 Kicks Off in Liverpool: Live Updates

Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final 2023 Kicks Off in Liverpool: Live Updates


The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final is the most watched cultural event in the world. Over 160 million people watched the Eurovision Song Contest last year.

The only thing that matters to the fans of the event is the singing competition. For casual observers, the event is a campy, fun and sometimes bewildering extravaganza.

This year's event has a serious tone.

Ukraine, as the winner of the competition last year, should host the event in 2023. Eurovision has been moved to Liverpool in England because Russia's invasion of the country is not ending. Britain has pledged to host a party in support of Ukraine, and Eastern European countries are a major presence on Liverpool streets.

The war will be implied onstage by several artists, including Ukraine’s Tvorchi. They use their lyrics to refer to the conflict.

The songs are as varied as ever, ranging from sublime to ridiculous. The most anticipated tracks this year include'Tattoo', a Swedish dance floor banger; Austria's'Who The Hell is Edgar?', a rare Eurovision song that mentions a 19th century poet; and Finland'Cha Cha Cha'.

This year, Eurovision will be the first to allow viewers outside of participating countries to vote. That means that American fans can also help determine the result.

Here is a guide for those who are new to Eurovision. It includes information on how to watch. Stay on this page and follow the action. Our reporters are in Liverpool, Ukraine and Kyiv. We also have music and fashion experts on hand.