How Bill Nye, ‘The Science Guy' educated Google Bard on how AI can help save the world

Bill Nye, ‘The Science Guy' gave Google Bard an education in how AI can help save the world.

How Bill Nye, ‘The Science Guy' educated Google Bard on how AI can help save the world

Bill Nye, "The Science Guy", says that he's less concerned about giant solar flares than artificial intelligence destroying the world.

Celebrity educator Nye is not bothered by the "outrage" caused by the use of generative AI in schools. Nye, who spoke at the CNBC Technology Executive Council Summit AI on Thursday, said: "This is what's going be."

In response to questions based upon a Google Bard prompt Nye explained how AI can be used to solve some of the biggest problems in the world.

Bill Nye has worked as an engineer at Boeing before becoming a celebrity science educator. Nye was an engineer for Boeing before he became famous science educator. He worked during a time of rapid change in aviation control systems, and he had to ensure that new systems' outputs were understood. Nye said that since the invention of steamship engines, "control theory" was a crucial element in the introduction of new technologies.

Artificial intelligence will not be any different. Nye, who is not an AI expert himself, said that the main problem with AI design was that while we know what goes into the computers, we don't know what will come out. This problem has already been played out in the tech sector, as social media is an example.

Nye, who spoke on Thursday in New York City at the CNBC Technology Council Summit on AI, said that AI is a rapidly growing technology and "everyone from middle school to PhDs" will have to learn about it. Comp sci students will need to be familiar with AI."

He is not concerned about the impact the technology will have on students. He referred to the "outrage", surrounding the calculator. He said that teachers have become accustomed to using calculators and everyone must take exams with them. "It's the rudiments of computer programming."

It is more important to make people who do not have computer literacy understand and accept AI in education. "People say user-friendly, but I prefer to use the term 'user-figure-outtable'."

Nye believes that computer science isn't the most important skill for students to acquire. Nye's belief that "the world is knowable" is based on his assertion that critical thinking is the most important skill that students should learn. He says that it will be a major part of AI due to its complexity as well as its vulnerability to misuse such deep fakes. "We want the people to be able question. Nye stated that we don't wish to see a decreasing number of people able to understand a complex world.

During the discussion with CNBC's Tyler Mathisen, at the TEC Summit on AI CNBC surprised Nye by asking a series questions that were derived from a Google generative AI Bard prompt: What should we question Bill Nye on AI?

Bard asked about 20 questions that covered a wide range of topics.

How can we make sure AI is used only for good?

"We need regulations," Nye said.

What should we teach our children about AI

How to write computer code.

What is your opinion on the possibility that AI will surpass human intelligence

It already does.

What is the most ethically important consideration in AI development?

He said: "We need a class legislators who can handle it and monitor it with regulations that are created by them."

What role can AI have in solving some of the most pressing global problems, such as climate changes and poverty?

Nye said that this is an "excellent" question. He has spent much time considering how the world might end.

This was the point on which he gave his most extensive response to AI.

Watch the video to hear Bill Nye answer the AI's questions about how AI can save the world.