How MSA Design empowers communities through engagement and giving back

MSA Design starts every community engagement process by listening to the needs of the community.

How MSA Design empowers communities through engagement and giving back

In April, the City of Upper Arlington began construction on a new community center measuring 155,000 square feet. MSA Sport is a division within MSA Design and works with Perkins & Will, a national architectural firm, on this project. Katie Freeland of MSA Design Columbus Studio credits Upper Arlington for the success of the design. This collaboration enabled a dialogue between designers and residents that allowed them to understand the future uses of the space and the spirit and needs of the residents who will use it most.

Listening is the first step in every engagement process at MSA Design. Early on, all participants are informed of the high-level trends that will be relevant to the project. This helps everyone stay on the same page during the entire design process. Biophilic design principles and the use of natural elements are often discussed in relation to recreational facilities. These include the use of natural material and the incorporation of elements from nature into the space. The UA Historical Society and UA requested that a sycamore from the site was integrated into the design. The sycamore tree has been ordered to be used in the new reception desk. The building is made of concrete, but the natural materials used soften its appearance.

The trend towards flexible and multi-purpose spaces is also affecting the design of recreational facilities. Community centers are designed to accommodate different activities and events from fitness classes and community gatherings.

These trends are a reflection of a desire to create spaces that are engaging, versatile, and sustainable. They also promote the well-being of their users.

The collaboration between MSA and the community allows MSA create designs that not only look good but are also functional and meaningful for the people who use them. MSA can encourage community involvement by hosting events and workshops that invite residents to give input on design plans. Our team can create sustainable, equitable, and vibrant projects by working closely and encouraging a sense ownership and pride within communities.

MSA's team members not only work with the community in order to create spaces that benefit the community, they also give back through philanthropic efforts. MSA is committed to being socially responsible and contributing to the well-being in the communities where they operate. MSA takes part in Pelotonia every year, involving employees and promoting a sense purpose and teamwork. Freeland is a racer and organizes each team. She says, 'We raise a significant amount as a group, more than what we could do individually. It empowers our team and allows them to be involved in the communities we serve and have a lasting impact.

MSA Design offers a unique perspective based on a profound understanding of the community. It combines national expertise and a strong local presence. MSA Design is a company that grew because of community support. It has a real commitment to give back. The company's design process places a high priority on community engagement.

MSA Design is a cross-functional design firm that combines the expertise of many different markets with the strength and breadth of a large team. In its 37-year existence, MSA has established a strong presence in Ohio as a Gold Medal Firm, and the team members have received over 100 AIA Design Awards.