How to Buy the Best Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops are a sleek, efficient way to transform your kitchen and the way you cook. Here's how to choose the best one for you.

How to Buy the Best Induction Cooktop

Induction is a better, safer and more efficient method of cooking. It uses magnetic properties instead of hot coils or live flames to heat.

Induction cooking, once considered a novelty, is now becoming more popular thanks to the increased scrutiny around the future of gas ranges, to kitchen design trends that favor sleek and modern lines, as well as federal rebates on switching to electric appliances.

We have chosen six induction cooktops that we believe are the best in their price range. These recommendations have been based on our research and experience.

Induction cooktops are as powerful and fast as gas stoves and they will also be more responsive. These recommendations have the features, reliability, and functionality you need to serve your kitchen for many years.

Wirecutter also offers a detailed look at the pros and cons associated with induction cooking. We explain why you should choose a cooktop over a range and provide a list that includes induction compatible cookware.

The 36-inch GE Profile PHP9036 induction cooktop has the most features for a mid-priced model.

The model has 19 power settings, the most of any similar model. It also features a bridge that allows you to use a griddle with ease. There are also melt and keep-warm modes. The 11-inch large element, which is 3,700 watts, is standard in cooktops of this price range. However it's powerful enough to heat a cast iron pan or bring water quickly to a boiling point.

The Profile PHP9036 has Wi-Fi and a smart app with the best way we have seen to set a precise cooking temperature or automatically cook along with a specific recipe.

Profile PHP9036 allows for the adjustment of most display sounds and lighting (many other cooktops do not allow this), plus it can be synced with a GE Profile Range Hood via Bluetooth.

The Bosch NIT8660UC 36-inch 800 Series has a 12-inch large element with a 5,400-watt rating (the strongest among our recommendations), allowing you to heat larger pots and pans faster and more consistently.

The NIT8660UC offers 17 power settings and five temperature settings. It can sync to a Bosch rangehood via Bluetooth, a button or both. Wi-Fi connectivity allows remote monitoring using a smart app. The NIT8660UC, unlike the GE Profile PHP9036 however, does not allow you to set a precise cooking temperature or automatically follow a recipe.

The Miele KM 7740 FR 36-inch cooktop has 17 power settings and an adjustable keep-warm setting. It also features a large 11-inch element with 3,700 watts. The KM 7740 FR is compatible with a Miele range hood via Bluetooth. Its Wi-Fi connectivity allows smart remote monitoring using an app. You can also turn off or change many of the sounds.

Experts say that Miele is known for its kitchen appliances which last for many decades. The company has also had a successful track record in the use of induction technology.

This 36-inch Samsung NZ36K7880US/AA features an 11-inch large element with 4,800 watts, making it one of our most powerful recommendations. It has 15 heat settings and simmer and melt functions. There is also a large cooking zone with multiple griddles or pans.

Its Wi-Fi connection allows remote monitoring via a mobile application, and can automatically sync with a Samsung Range Hood on Bluetooth. This is one of only a few induction cookers that can visually display the heat level. Many people find this useful. It displays a digital flame around certain elements. It's possible to adjust or turn off the sound and some lights.

While researching other appliance guides, we came across complaints regarding Samsung's reliability and service.

The Samsung NZ30A3060UK/AA 30-inch cooktop offers more functionality than any cooktop under $1500 we have found. It has 15 power settings, simmer mode and Wi-Fi to monitor the cooktop remotely.

The large element, which is 11 inches long and 3,800 watts, is comparable to those on the more expensive cooktops that we recommend. This means you can heat large pots, or sear a large pan evenly. Its interface isn't nearly as intuitive as more expensive models and its features aren't nearly as extensive.

IKEA Sarklassig 30-inch induction cooktop is among the least expensive induction cooktops available. It has everything you need for cooking dinner: four elements of varying sizes (two mediums, one large), 10 power settings, and it can accommodate different cookware.

The 10-inch, 3,800-watt large element is comparable to the more expensive cooktops that we recommend. However, it may have difficulty heating the edges of large pots and pans.

Sarklassig does not have Wi-Fi or any other extra features or functionality that we recommend. IKEA offers a 5-year warranty and an excellent return policy. Both are uncommon in this category.