IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Oct. 20, 2023

Welcome to IBD Live! This list of FAQs and useful links will speed your learning curve. Some users have reported the inability to access the IBD Live show page on... Read More

IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Oct. 20, 2023

Welcome to IBD Live. The FAQs and links below will help you learn faster.

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The Ready List includes top stocks that have met our technical and fundamental screening criteria, are near or in areas where you can buy. IBD Live participants are advised to analyze chart actions before making any purchases.

Q&A Summary

Good morning IBD Live. Could you please take a look $HQY. Could we also look at URL Nugget? IBD, is there any chance you could add Anchored VolkswagenAP to your trading arsenal? Last week, you mentioned the Thinkorswim chart of 10 days, 30 minutes and how you used the 50-period line to make short term/swing trading decisions. Do you use a TOS scan to find trading opportunities? The 50 line is what I use most often for market trading. I saw an advertisement for an event featuring Irusha, Mike Webster and Jim Roppell. What is it? Chris: Can you take a look at the regression channel that is in a downward trend? To determine when it can be invalidated, or if there is momentum downward? VRT appeared safe to me last week. How quickly things can change. Is the nasdaq Composite equivalent to the /NQ Futures? Thank you No. Can I attend this event as a guest or a member? Stocks tell Chris that he shortened his hunting trip. Ali - Is the webiair that Mike Webster, irusha and Jim will be recorded on IBD's It's a take on the Market. MakeMyTrip: Who in India has tons of money to travel? Justin mentioned CHD shorting a few weeks ago, I believe. Is it ready to be picked now? Will IBD switch to market correction again? India was ranked sixth in 2022 with 1.3 millions arrivals and fourth in money spent with US$ 13.3billion. Add flight capacity in the USA. Attractive market. Why not use Market Smith Stochastics? I thought Chris looked at the 50-period MA in 30 minute charts but we are looking at 15 minutes. Ali must have selected the wrong chart. Now, that's funny. Will this afternoon's Webinar be recorded? Does the webinar being held today have a recording for later viewing? Webbie, your voice and face have been missed! I do hope you're happy. Today is the day of capitulation. Will the webinar be archived? Good morning. What do the green, red and blue zones mean on the chart? Blue is where you should buy. LNW Holding their 50-day. The weekly Take on the Market videos by Scott St. Clair are extremely informative. I also love the Quote of The Week feature. What is USO? Can you see NU? Why is the SMCI share price falling? George is an excellent guest on the show. Bring him back again. Please share your thoughts on AKAM. Could you please analyse PANW on the 21st day? FFTY is near a seven-year low. Rates higher than normal are the death knell of growth stocks. We believe the Fed will not "blink" unless the market forces them to: December 2018, anyone? The 10-year yield doesn't seem to have much of an impact on the Fed. The short-term interest rates are declining. I think this has more to with the mammoth budget deficits and D.C.'s dysfunction. When should you short ENPH? ANET Just fell below its 50-day. Volume is low. Nice shakeout if this is the end. Looks good! AVAV Review earlier! The sun is setting over the solar stocks. Sorry, I had to. Are there instructions on marketsmith or investors.com to add regression lines to TOS? Is today the day that IBD is in "Correction"? Any news from the Middle East that is "better" than expected