Killing of Bob Lee: Here are the latest developments

Momeni was arrested and arraigned for an unknown crime. He is being held without bail and his next appearance is scheduled for April 25.

Killing of Bob Lee: Here are the latest developments

On Friday, prosecutors began to present their case against a man accused of the death of tech executive Bob Lee. They traced the movements of Lee and suspect Nima Mumeni in the hours before the knife attack which left Lee fatally wounded.

Momeni in an orange prison jumpsuit appeared Friday in San Francisco Superior Court to be arraigned on charges that he murdered Lee, the founder Cash App on a darkened road early in the morning on April 5, in a darkened area. Momeni, the owner of Expand IT, a tech consultancy firm, did not enter into a plea in court or speak at all. The next time he is scheduled to appear is on April 25, and he is currently being held without bail.

In court documents, including the charging documents, the prosecutors stated that the defendant, Khazar Mumeni, as well as another person were socializing in the early evening of the 4th April, and an argument ensued between Lee and Nima. In a message that was found on Lee’s phone, his sister said that her brother had "come down wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" on Lee. She also noted that Lee handled the argument with 'class'.

It was unclear what the disagreement was about, or if there was a relationship between Khazar Mumeni and Lee.

The charging document states that investigators have compiled security footage from multiple sources.

The first section shows Lee and Nima Momeni meeting later at Millennium Tower where Khazar Momeni resides, and Momeni leaving in his white BMW around 2 a.m.

According to the prosecution, another video showed that the vehicle stopped a few moments later in a darkened part of Main Street. Both men then exited the car. Momeni, the man who was identified by the prosecutors, made a quick move toward Lee and then returned to his vehicle after briefly stopping at a fence where, according to prosecutors, a knife that they have identified as a murder weapon had been found. Lee fell down the street.

Lee was found by San Francisco officers with three stab injuries, including two in his chest. He died in hospital a few hours later.

According to the charges filed on Friday, "one of the stab injuries, which showed a clear and direct intent to kill the victim, penetrated the heart." "Immediately after stabbing the victim, defendant threw his kitchen knife and fled the scene at high speed in his white BMW, leaving victim to slowly die."