Massachusetts Medical Society elects new president

The Massachusetts Medical Society has elected a new president. The society is a professional association made up of 25,000 physicians and medical students.

Massachusetts Medical Society elects new president

Barbara S. Spivak, Dr., has been elected as the next president of the Massachusetts Medical Society.

Spivak will lead the 25,000-member professional association, which includes physicians and medical students. Her term is one year long and is set to expire in May 2024. Spivak is the 141st President in the history of the organization, replacing Dr. Ted Calianos who served as president for the past year.

Massachusetts Medical Society has a strong voice for advocating local doctors, and also provides advice and education on issues such as practice management and health. According to its website, it also publishes The New England Journal of Medicine - the most widely read medical journal in the world.

Spivak, who has been an internist with Mount Auburn Medical Associates since 1977, was announced as having worked there for more than 37 years. She is an instructor at Harvard Medical School, and she is the president of Mount Auburn Cambridge Independent Practice Association.

Spivak is a Massachusetts Medical Society member since 2001. He serves as chair and advisor on Committee for Quality of Medical Practice.

Spivak holds a medical and bachelor's degree from Tufts University. In 2020, she was named Community Clinician of the year by the Middlesex District Medical Society.