N-able, Inc. (NYSE:NABL) Short Interest Up 23.6% in April

increase of 60.4% from the March 31st total of 951,500 shares. Based on an average daily volume of 568,900 shares, the days-to-cover ratio is presently 2.7 days. The number of shares sold short increased 60.4% in the month of April.

( ) has seen a notable increase in short interest during the month of April. On April 15, there were 1,520,000 shorted shares. This is a 23.6% increase from the total of 1,230,000 on March 31st. Short selling is currently 2.7% of company stock. The days-tocover ratio, based on an average daily share volume of 684 600 shares, is currently 2.2 days.

N-able Stock Performance

Trading at midday on Friday saw a decline of $0.07, bringing the price to $12.75. The company's average trading volume is 1,178,025. The company has a $2.32 billion market capitalization, a P/E ratio of 141.68, and a beta value of 0.49. The company has a moving average for the past 50 days of $12.45, and a moving average for the last two hundred days of $11.21. N-able's 12-month low is $8.12, and its 12-month high is $13.92. The company last released its quarterly earnings on Thursday, 23rd February. The company posted $0.06 per share in earnings for the third quarter, exceeding analysts' expectations of $0.04 by $0.02. The company reported revenue of $95.76 millions for the quarter compared to the consensus of $93.59million. N-able's net margin was 4.49%, and its return on equity was 4.73%. Research analysts expect N-able to post 0.18 earnings per shares for the current fiscal year.

Insiders Bet on the Future

Other N-able News: CFO Tim James O'brien has sold 8,820 of the company's shares in a deal dated February 27th. The shares were sold for an average price $11.78, resulting in a value of $103,899.60. The chief financial officer owns now 550,021 company shares, worth $6,479 247.38. On Monday, February 27, VP Frank Colletti, sold 26,316 of the company's stock. The shares were purchased at an average of $11.59 for a transaction totaling $305,002.44. The vice president owns now 385,210 company shares, worth $4,464,583.90. Also, on February 27th, CFO Tim James O'brien, sold 8,820 of the company's stock. The shares were sold for an average price $11.78, resulting in a transaction total of $103,899.60. The chief financial officer owns approximately $6,479 247.38 worth of shares after the sale. Insiders sold 53,922 company shares worth $667 210 in the last quarter. Insiders own 0.50%.

Inflows of Institutional Capital and Outflows

Recently, several institutional investors increased or decreased their NABL stakes. Swiss National Bank increased its stake in N-able in the first quarter by 7.1%. Swiss National Bank owns 105.750 shares worth $962,000. This is after adding 7,000 more shares. JPMorgan Chase & Co. grew its stake in N-able shares by 41.5% during the first quarter. JPMorgan Chase & Co. owns 54 388 shares worth $495 000 after buying an additional 15,943 in the last quarter. Natixis Advisors L.P. grew its stake in N-able shares by 15.1% during the first quarter. Natixis Advisors L.P. owns 218 396 shares worth $1,987,000 of the company stock after buying an additional 28 679 shares during the last quarter. BlackRock Inc. increased their stake in N-able shares by 13.2% during the first quarter. BlackRock Inc. owns 2,656,901 of the company’s shares worth $24,177,000, after buying an additional 310 465 shares during the last quarter. Dimensional Fund Advisors LP also increased its stake in N-able shares by 53.1% during the first quarter. Dimensional Fund Advisors LP owns 690 366 shares worth $6 283,000, after buying an additional 239 546 shares during the last quarter. Institutional investors own 97.72% the company's stock.

Analyst Upgrades and downgrades

Several research firms recently made comments on NABL. Needham & Company LLC raised their price target for shares of Nable from $13.00 up to $14.50 in a recent report. The company also received a buy' rating. JPMorgan Chase & Co. reduced shares of Nable from an overweight' to a neutral' ratings and lowered their price target from $13.00 down to $11.00. This was reported in a report dated Tuesday, January 24, 2013.

N-able Company Profile

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N-able, Inc. provides cloud-based solutions to managed service providers in the United States, United Kingdom, as well as internationally. MSPs can use the company's software to help support growth and digital transformation in small and medium enterprises. The company's software platform was designed as an enterprise-grade system that can be used as an operating systems by its MSP partners. It also scales with their business growth.

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