Polaris Stock, An All-Seasons Equity, Revs On Big Profit Gains

Polaris stock is rising in price and earning an upgrade to its IBD Relative Strength Rating.

Polaris (PII), a company that is all-seasons, continues to show impressive growth. This is a company that operates all year round. Snowmobiles are popular in the winter and fall. Off-road vehicles are popular with outdoor-oriented consumers, especially during the spring and summer. Polaris' Relative Strength Rating (RS) rose to 75 on Thursday, placing it in the top 25% for stock performance.

As they begin their largest runs, decades of market research has shown that the best performing stocks, the stocks to watch and buy, usually have an RS Rating above 80. Polaris may be able to continue its rebound and reach that benchmark.

Polaris' earnings per share grew 57% over the previous year to $3.46. In the previous quarter, Polaris' EPS grew by 64%. Polaris's back-to-back quarters of strong performance were a stark contrast to the quarter that ended in June 2022, when Polaris reported a YoY decrease in EPS at $2.42. The company's sales last quarter increased by 21%, to $2.4 billion. The Street anticipates that the company will report its latest performance figures on or around April 25, 2019.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul-based company also has an impressive 95 Earnings per Share Rating, out of 99 possible. Polaris also has a Composite Rating of 96 and a SMR Rating of B (sales plus profit margins + returns on equity), on a scale from A to E, with A being the highest. Its C+ Accumulation/Distribution Rating shows that mutual funds and other institutional investors are buying more shares than selling.

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Polaris stock has a pattern of consolidation with an entry at 123.97. Check if the stock can break out in volume that is at least 40% higher than average. Polaris fell about 0.5% on Thursday to rise above 108.

Polaris is ranked No. 5 among its peers in the Leisure-Products industry group. The Leisure-Products Industry Group ranks Polaris No. 5 among its peers. Brunswick (BC), a maker of recreational marine products, and Fox Factory (FOXF), a maker of high-performance suspensions products, are also among the highest-rated shares in this group.

IBD's proprietary Relative strength rating identifies the market leader by using a score ranging from 1 (worst), to 99 (best). This score identifies the relative performance of a stock over the past 52 weeks compared with all other stocks in our database.

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