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‘Dragging a Small Roller Bag, I Found My Way to the Correct Subway Line'

·2 mins


Solo Trip to the Upper West Side #

At the age of 35, the protagonist embarked on her first-ever solo trip to New York City. While visiting her in-laws on Long Island, she took the opportunity to spend a few days in the city with her sister. Carrying a small roller bag, she navigated the subway system and found a seat. Across from her, a group of energetic teenage girls reminded her of her own youth.

A young man entered the subway car at the next stop, with a rolled towel under his arm. He sat next to the protagonist, who focused her gaze ahead. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed some movement from the young man’s direction. According to subway etiquette, she pretended not to notice while still observing the peripheral movements.

As the young man’s actions continued, the teenage girls grew increasingly animated. Their eyes glanced back and forth between the protagonist’s face and the source of the commotion. Eventually, their excitement prompted the protagonist to look to the side, where she discovered the young man had unwrapped the towel. To her surprise, a pigeon stood in his lap, and he was gently stroking it with a toothbrush, to the bird’s delight.

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