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HYROX: These two women are at the forefront of a ‘body-breaking' fitness race with Olympic aspirations

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It’s a race that requires a mesmerizing mix of strength and endurance; one that pushes the fittest of the fit to the edge of what they think is possible.

HYROX is a functional fitness race which involves an eight-kilometer (almost five-mile) run interspersed with eight workout stations. Each station requires participants to perform a different exercise – SkiErg, sled push, sled pull, burpee broad jumps, rowing, farmer’s carry, sandbag lunges and the dreaded wall balls.

Competitors are able to compete in teams, pairs or by themselves. No matter the age or ability, the race format remains the same – the only difference being the differing weights used at the stations.

HYROX’s first iteration in 2017 saw 618 participants, while now it boasts more than 210,000 across 30 cities.

Two women at the forefront of HYROX’s charge have recently been interviewed. One of them is the newly crowned world champion in the women’s category. She became the first woman to complete a HYROX race in under two hours and has dedicated herself to becoming a professional athlete. She talks about the sacrifices she and her daughter have made for her athletic career.

The other woman, dubbed the “Badass Gran,” is 70 years old and has won world titles in her age category. She participates in HYROX to stay fit and strong as she ages.

HYROX, a functional fitness race, was founded in 2017 and has gained popularity over the years. The company is aiming to professionalize the sport and hopes that it may one day become an Olympic sport.

Both women express their enthusiasm for the sport and their aspirations to continue competing and representing their countries.