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‘Inexcusable.' Ryanair says it may have to raise fares this summer because of Boeing

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Ryanair may have to cut flights and raise fares in the peak summer season due to Boeing’s inability to deliver promised planes. The CEO of Europe’s largest airline by passenger numbers mentioned that air fares could increase by up to 10% due to delays in aircraft deliveries. Boeing has faced safety concerns and quality issues, leading to disruptions in production and certification delays. Ryanair was expecting 57 Max 8-200 planes, but now the delivery is uncertain. If only 40 planes are received, Ryanair may have to make minor schedule cuts and increase air fares by 5% to 10%. Demand for international travel has been strong, causing air fares to rise globally. A Ryanair spokesperson confirmed the accuracy of the CEO’s statements, but did not provide any further comment. The CEO expressed dissatisfaction with Boeing’s performance and hopes to receive compensation. Boeing acknowledged the impact on Ryanair and is working on improving quality and delivery performance.