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Ultraprocessed foods linked to heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders and early death, study finds

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Ultraprocessed Foods Linked to Adverse Health Conditions #

A review of 45 meta-analyses, covering almost 10 million people, indicates that consuming ultraprocessed foods increases the risk of developing or dying from various health conditions. The study found consistent evidence connecting higher intakes of ultraprocessed foods with over 70% of the 45 health outcomes assessed. The research suggests that a higher intake of ultraprocessed foods was associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease-related death, common mental disorders, anxiety, early death from any cause, obesity, sleep disorders, type 2 diabetes, and depression. While evidence for an association with cancer was limited, the review found that ultraprocessed foods account for two-thirds of calories in the diets of children and teens. Experts suggest focusing on less processed alternatives, adding fresh fruits and vegetables to the diet, being mindful of sugary beverages, and opting for local restaurants instead of fast-food chains. Regulating ultraprocessed foods through warning labels, advertising restrictions, and prohibitions near schools and hospitals is also recommended.