Sacramento region awarded $42 million to go toward Sacramento Valley Station renovation, other transportation projects

The Sacramento region will receive more money from the state's transit project program to redevelop the site that houses Sacramento's historic train station.

Sacramento region awarded $42 million to go toward Sacramento Valley Station renovation, other transportation projects

Sacramento received another grant from the state’s transit program in this year. The money will be used to renovate the historic Sacramento train station.

The state announced this week that it will award two grants totaling $42 Million to the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority.

Capitol Corridor will use some of the money to build a bus station and mobility hub in the Sacramento Valley Station.

This project is part of a decade-long plan that aims to transform the train station into an intermodal transit hub for bikes, buses and trains, as well as redeveloping the 28 acres surrounding the property with housing, commercial space and a hotel.

Greg Taylor, the supervising architect for the station and the planning manager, estimated that the new bus depot will cost $140 million.

Taylor stated that the large facility will allow all commuter buses as well as Amtrak buses to enter the station.

This will allow bus lines to run more efficiently and connect buses more easily to other transport options.

"That takes the station up to a whole new level. Taylor stated that you could describe it today as a railway station. The new bus center will create a hub and spoke system where Sacramento is a regional hub.

Before the project can be constructed, a number projects must be completed and funds secured.

Taylor stated that a breakthrough occurred last year when they received a grant for a new drainage line. A part of the property is used to retain storm water, so construction cannot begin until this is changed. Sacramento Regional Transit must also reroute the light rail tracks behind the station. This is another project for which Sac RT has been collecting funds.

Taylor stated that 'when those tracks are removed, it opens up the area so we can access the bus station.

The state money can be used as part of the matching funds for project proponents to apply for federal grants.

Taylor stated that 'there are a lot more dominoes to be placed'.

Taylor added that the commercial redevelopment can't begin until the storm drainage line is constructed, which will be part of a larger construction project to build the bus depot.

Taylor stated that he was "really trying" to reach 2027 or 2028.

Link21, a major infrastructure project that could include direct rail service between Sacramento and San Francisco. SacRT received $8.5 million from the same grant program for technological improvements.