Begins Coverage on Star Group (NYSE:SGU)

In a research report sent to investors Thursday morning. The brokerage gave the stock of the pipeline company a buy rating.

Star Group Price Performance

Trading hours were held on Thursday and the stock reached $13.65. The average trading volume was 52,254 shares. However, 12,931 of the stock's shares were traded. The fifty-day simple moving average of the company is $13.14, and its two hundred day simple moving is $11.82. The company's debt-to equity ratio is 0.44. Its quick ratio is 0.73, and its current ratio 0.89. Star Group's 1-year low is $8.00, and its 1-year high is $14.47. A quarterly dividend was also declared by the business and paid out on May 2nd. Dividends were paid to stockholders who had their records on the 24th of April. Star Group increased its previous quarterly dividend from $0.15 to $0.1625. On an annualized base, this represents a $0.65 quarterly dividend and a dividend rate of 4.76%. This dividend became payable on Friday, April 21st. Star Group's current dividend payout ratio is 650.07%.

Star Group: Institutional Investors Take a Stand

Recently, a number of hedge fund managers have made recent changes to their stock positions. State Street Corp increased its stake in Star Group in the first quarter by 4.7%. State Street Corp owns 89.870 shares in the pipeline company valued at $1.166,000, after buying an additional 4,011 during the last quarter. BNP Paribas Arbitrage SNC increased its holdings in Star Group during the first quarter by 17.6%. BNP Paribas Arbitrage SNC owns 18,927 of the stock of the pipeline company, worth $245,000, after purchasing an additional 2,831 during the last quarter. Hartree Partners LP increased its holdings in Star Group during the first quarter by 145.3%. Hartree Partners LP owns now 2,870 093 shares of pipeline company stock valued at $37,225,000, after acquiring 1,700 228 additional shares during the previous quarter. Morgan Stanley increased its stake in Star Group during the fourth quarter by 24.4%. Morgan Stanley owns now 131,874 of the stock of the pipeline company worth $1,589,000, after adding 25,836 more shares in the last quarter. Nantahala Capital Management LLC purchased a new stake of Star Group worth $153,000 during the fourth quarter. Institutional investors and hedge fund currently own 28.25%.

Star Group Company Profile

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Star Group LP is engaged in the distribution and supply of propane and home heating oil to both residential and commercial clients. The company also delivers diesel fuel, gasoline and home heating oil. The company was founded in Stamford on 16 October 1995. offers a FREE daily email newsletter