Top Finance Influencers You Should Be Following for Financial Advice

Start by taking some small steps to improve your financial literacy. Check out some books from the library or look for online resources.

Top Finance Influencers You Should Be Following for Financial Advice

Feeling stuck in a financial rut is a common feeling. You want to improve your financial literacy, but don't know where to begin. It's never too late to learn new skills. It's important to keep upskilling yourself in the face of an ever-changing digital landscape and uncertain economic conditions.

How can you access the knowledge of these financial experts? You don't have to search far. Many of these experts share their knowledge via Instagram, thanks to the growth of social media. They share a lot of information, from investment strategies to tips on personal finance.

To help you get started we have curated a list of the 25 top finance influencers. There's something here for everyone, whether you're an experienced investor or just getting started. Why not have a look to see who you can contact for the financial advice you need?

Gary Vaynerchuk's URL

Gary Vaynerchuk, an investor and entrepreneur with over 10 million Instagram followers, inspires millions of people through his practical advice about finance and personal branding. It is well worth watching his content as he offers insights on topics ranging from digital marketing to entrepreneurship.

Gary's social-media presence is unmatched. He's a venture-capitalist who has invested in startups like Twitter, Uber and Venmo in their early stages. Gary has also been featured four times in the New York Times, as a best-selling author. Gary's advice can motivate you and help you better understand the dynamics of business.

  1. Ramit Sethi - URL

He is the founder and CEO at as well as the co-founder at This helped him to build a large following on social media. He has over 352K Instagram followers.

Ramit's unconventional approach to personal finance makes his content stand out. Ramit's content is unique because it takes a different approach to personal finance.

The Financial Diet (URL)

The Financial Diet, an influential Instagram account, offers a new perspective on finances. The account has over 900,000. Its content is insightful and well-researched, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to better manage their finances.

The Financial Diet is unique in that it focuses on helping people to make intelligent financial decisions. The Financial Diet offers tips on budgeting, investing and more.

  1. Tiffany Aliche - URL

Tiffany Aliche, a personal finance specialist and author with over 615K Instagram followers. She offers financial advice via her Instagram handle. Budgetnista is also focused on helping women to achieve financial stability.

Aliche's content is engaging and includes tips for everything from negotiating a pay raise to reducing debt. She often collaborates with brands and other influencers to promote financial literacy.

  1. Andrei Jikh - URL

Andrei Jikh, a finance expert and Instagram influencer known for his entrepreneurship expertise, is an Instagram star. He shares his wealth of financial knowledge with over 139K Instagram followers through engaging and informative posts, videos and stories.

Jikh is an entrepreneur who has built a career in finance from humble beginnings. He is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to know more about cryptocurrencies.

Jikh began his career not as a finance professional, but as a magician. He was hired to teach card trick to the cast of Now You See Me 2, a famous Hollywood film. He appeared in many TV and commercials, including Brain Games from National Geographics.

  1. Humphrey Yang - URL

Humphrey Yang, a prominent Instagram influencer in the finance world with over 500k followers, is an influential figure on Instagram. His Instagram content is mainly actionable tips and advice on wealth management.

Humphrey Yang is an inspiration for his followers because of his approachable style, and they trust him to guide them through the complicated world of financial management. Humphrey Yang is the financial guru to turn to for practical advice on investing and saving, as well as cutting-edge insights into the latest trends.

  1. Delyanne Barros - URL

Delyanne Barros is an acclaimed finance blogger and expert in investing. She's also known as Delyanne The Money Coach. She has accumulated a substantial fortune by making smart investment decisions.

Delyanne, who is passionate about financial education and shares valuable tips to help her 189K Instagram followers excel in the stock markets, now shares with her 189K Instagram followers her wealth of knowledge.

  1. Dasha Kennedy - URL

Dasha Kennedy has a distinguished career in personal finance. She is a financial advocate who has dedicated her life to empowering women with financial education.

Dasha's Instagram account has a huge following of 234K, making it a great resource for anyone looking for advice on debt management and personal finance. She also has won many awards including Deluxe Magazine's 30 Under 30, Bankrate Financial Activism of the Year 2022, Black Tie Community Award 2019, and more.

  1. Jeremy Schneider - URL

Jeremy Schneider has over 20 years experience as a financial expert, author, speaker and industry leader. He has appeared on many news websites including CNBC Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

Jeremy has a following of 490k Instagram followers thanks to his wealth management insights and advice. Schneider, in his early 20s, founded RentLix, a website that allowed landlords list their rental properties across multiple platforms. He sold the business for millions at age 34, invested in bonds and stocks, and retired at 36!

  1. Anthony O'Neal - URL

Anthony O'Neal, a financial expert, author, and speaker, is on a mission. He wants to help people build wealth and take control of their finances. His content is engaging and informative. He has over 350k Instagram followers.

Anthony gives practical advice about how to invest, pay down debt and manage your money. His straightforward approach to personal finances is refreshing and relatable. Follow him on Instagram for valuable tips and strategies to achieve financial freedom.

  1. Tori Dunlap - URL

Tori Dunlap, a financial influencer, saved her first $100,000 by age 25! She shares her insights and knowledge with her 690k Instagram followers.

Dunlap's content engages and offers actionable tips to young women who want to take charge of their finances. She takes a different approach to other financial influencers because she is more focused on emotional and social factors that may impact someone's relationship with their money.

Kevin O'Leary's URL

He shares his investment, business and financial planning insights with over 1 million followers on Instagram.

It is well worth his time to watch him as he gives practical advice about managing money, building wealth, and investing. O'Leary's unique approach to investing appeals to many and he uses this platform to educate others on financial literacy.

Clever Girl Financial - URL

Clever Girl Finance, an Instagram account that has 360k followers, provides financial education and resources geared specifically toward women. Bola Sokunbi, a financial expert and certified instructor of financial education, runs the account. She shares insights from her position as a certified educator to help build wealth for her followers.

This account includes real-life success stories of women who achieved financial independence, as well as helpful advice and tips on how to navigate various financial challenges.

  1. Taylor Price - URL

Taylor Price is an influential finance blogger who offers tips and insights that can help people reach financial freedom. Taylor Price's Instagram content is engaging, informative and easy to follow. She has over 100k Instagram followers. Taylor's posts are geared towards young women between the ages of 18 and 25. They cover a variety of topics including budgeting.

It is well worth your time to watch her content as she shares with you her personal experiences and offers practical solutions that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Haley Sacks: URL

Haley Sacks is an Instagram influencer in the finance world with more than 440k subscribers. Haley Sacks' witty personal finance content has made her popular among millennials who are looking for a more approachable way to handle their money.

She makes money management entertaining with pop culture references, humor and practical financial advice. Sacks was also named to Fortune's 40 Under 40 list for 2020.

My Fab Financial - URL

Tonya Rapley is the manager of My Fab Finance, a Millennial money expert who empowers others to live a better financial life. My Fab Finance has over 200k Instagram followers and shares valuable insights about personal finance, entrepreneurship and lifestyle.

Her content is inspiring, informative and useful. Follow her to learn more about budgeting, debt, and wealth building.

Allison Baggerly, URL

Allison Baggerly, a personal financial coach and creator of Inspired Budget's blog and Instagram page, is also a personal finance expert. She has 194K followers and offers tips and tricks to help women manage their finances and budget. She even wrote a book entitled Money Made Easy: Pay Off Debt, Save Money and Budget.

Allison's expertise and knowledge in budgeting makes her content well worth watching. She knows that budgeting is a difficult and overwhelming task, so she breaks it into manageable, simple steps.

  1. Clare Seal - URL

Clare Seal, a UK-based financial expert known for her advice on frugal living, is an influential figure in the world of finance. Her content is engaging and informative for those who want to save money. She has over 106k Instagram followers.

Clare's Instagram page, MyFrugalYear offers tips for budgeting, managing debt, and embracing a sustainable lifestyle. Her followers love her honesty and transparency as well as the way in which she shares her story about overcoming debt.

  1. Cindy Zuniga - URL

Cindy Zuniga, a financial advisor with extensive experience, has helped many individuals to achieve financial stability.

Cindy has over 125k Instagram followers and shares her valuable insights about personal finance. She also wrote a book entitled Overcoming Debt: Achieving Financial Independence: 8 Pillars for Building Wealth.

His and Her Money (URL)

His and Her money is one of the top influencers in finance on Instagram with over 70k fans. Their content is aimed at helping couples reach financial freedom through making smart monetary choices.

Their followers can benefit from their practical advice, and they share their personal experiences. Their engaging and approachable style makes finance relatable to their audience and less intimidating. They also address social and family issues couples face.

Steve Financial Freedom Coach (URL)

Steve Financial Freedom coach is an inspirational finance influencer with more than 237k Instagram followers. His content is mainly focused on financial literacy, how to achieve financial independence through smart investing, debt-management, and wealth building strategies.

Steve's blog posts are engaging and informative, helping his followers understand complicated financial concepts. Steve also encourages his followers with motivational messages to take control of their finances and build a better future.

  1. Emma Edwards - URL.brokegeneration

Emma Edwards is a great Instagram influencer. She's the creator of The Broke Generation. Emma Edwards' content, which has over 54k subscribers, focuses on financial literacy. She shares her personal journey, and offers practical tips for living a financially sustainable lifestyle.

Her Instagram account is full of relatable content, interesting stories and valuable insights. It's a great resource for anyone who wants to improve their financial situation.

  1. Sahirenys Ortega Pierce - URL

Sahirenys Ortega Pierce's finance-focused Instagram content has attracted over 38k Instagram followers. Sahirenys Ortega Pierce's unique approach to money management has attracted people who are looking for a positive perspective on finance.

Sahirenys offers practical advice for managing and accumulating wealth, while reducing complex concepts to digestible chunks.

  1. Josh Rincon - URL

Josh Rincon, a rising Instagram influencer in finance with more than 210k subscribers, is one of the most popular figures on Instagram. It is worth checking out his content as he offers practical and straight-forward advice on investing, wealth building, and personal financial skills. His goal is to help his followers understand complex financial issues by simplifying them into terms they can easily understand.

Follow Josh Rincon on Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest financial information, investment strategies and tips for financial freedom.

  1. Daniella Flores - URL

Daniella Flores, a finance influencer with more than 98k Instagram followers, is one of the most popular figures on Instagram. Anyone who is interested in personal finance, side jobs, or how to earn money online should follow her Instagram handle.

Daniella's content, which is both engaging and informative, provides her readers with tips and insight on a wide range of financial topics. Her posts are simple to understand and suitable for people with any level of knowledge about finances.


Social media can you learn all about personal finance skills?

Social media is not a good way to learn about finance. In the real world, the only way to improve your financial skills is to learn from mistakes and follow the correct practices. Social media does not have no value. Influencers can give you some of the best tips and insights on money management and investment.

Should I take an online financial course?

You can consider taking a course in finance. Finance influencers offer paid programs to people who are looking for in-depth financial advice and support. You can improve your financial knowledge and skills in many different ways, including through social media.

How do you find a financial mentor?

You can turn to a mentor for guidance during difficult times. You can identify "financially-sound" people in your area. Talk to them about personal finance. You can read more on the Internet about these topics. You may come across a few finance experts who are experts in their fields. Then you can read more blogs, articles, and books by these finance gurus.


These 25 financial influencers are all highly knowledgeable, but they're not a replacement for your own personal financial advisor. These influencers can provide you with great ideas and plans. Execution of these plans should only take place after consulting with your mentor or adviser. You cannot blame an Instagram financial influencer for your bad investments. Act with discretion when dealing with money.