Uber's 2023 lost and found report includes dentures, weed, a lightsaber and a slushy machine

This year's list of forgotten items includes an ankle monitor, fingernails and even a slushy machine.

Uber's 2023 lost and found report includes dentures, weed, a lightsaber and a slushy machine


Uber released its list of the most bizarre items that passengers forget in their cars. This includes an ankle monitor and fingernails, as well as a slushy maker.

Uber published its Uber Lost & Found Index 2023 on April 27, as Mercury made its way back to retrograde. According to Uber, this is a period of the year when astrologists believe that forgetfulness can be influenced by Mercury's retrograde. The index is based upon missing item reports submitted by passengers.

Phones, wallets and keys, as well as jewelry and headphones, are among the 10 most frequently forgotten items.

The list of 50 unique items that were lost is where the weirdness begins. The list includes a Danny DeVito ornament, a fire sword, a remote-controlled vibrationator, six cheesecakes and painted rattraps. It also contains an important pregnancy test as well as dentures, a lightingsaber, marijuana, and a Gucci loafer.

Jacksonville, Florida, ranked first for the most forgetful cities. San Antonio, Texas and Palm Springs in California took the second- and third-place spots, respectively. Uber reported that the most popular time to report lost items was 11 p.m.

The report is now in its seventh edition and aims to remind customers how to retrieve lost items using the Uber App.

As you leave the backseat this summer, remember to take your things with you. Uber will always help you return items such as a Danny Devito Christmas ornament or a Toy Poodle.

Riders can contact drivers for the return of lost items by using a feature in the app. The service is $15, which covers the time and effort of the driver.

It's entirely up to the passengers to decide whether fingernails and chicken wings are really worth it.