Western Resources (TSE:WPX) Trading Down 5.6%

average session volume of 675,943 shares. The stock had previously closed at C$0.18. The company's stock fell 5.6% on Monday.

On Monday,, fell 5.6%. The company traded from C$0.17 to C$0.17, and traded last at C$0.17. 167,080 stocks were traded, which is a 75% decrease from the session average of 659 045 shares. The stock closed previously at C$0.18.

Western Resources stock down 5.6 %

The company has a simple fifty-day moving average of C$0.17.

Western Resources Company Profile

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Western Resources Corp (formerly Western Potash Corp) is a Canadian company that intends to pursue investment in other resources properties, including metals and minerals, other than potash, in jurisdictions outside of Saskatchewan. The Company is looking at alternative opportunities to enhance value for these resource properties. These include joint ventures and spin-offs.

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