Worker fatally injured at Amazon warehouse in Fort Wayne

A worker died after being injured at an Amazon warehouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

FORT WAYNE INDIA Authorities said that a worker was killed after being injured in a warehouse incident at Amazon in Fort Wayne. The facility was closed for the remainder of Monday.

Allen County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Cpl. Adam Griffith. The worker was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The sheriff's office said that the death is being investigated. The sheriff's department did not release any additional details.

The worker's identity has not been revealed.

Amazon's Andre Woodson released a statement in which he said that the company's "thoughts and prayer are with the loved ones of our employees and our team here at the facility."

The statement stated that 'we're conducting an extensive investigation into the incident, and we're working closely with the authorities to conduct their own investigations.

The company reported that employees were sent home with pay for the day after the warehouse closed. The company said that a nightshift was cancelled and all employees will receive their pay.